Art Activator is your personal mandala and your unique generator and activator of your hidden potential!

Art Activator is generating program which is an activator that brings harmony into your life, business, relationship and every other aspect of your life you want. It’s been a very short time since this knowledge has been opened for the world and it’s already made its trip round the world a few times. It’s been bought million times all over the world and we’ve got grateful letters saying that this is very unique thing is working as fast as possible. People have got opportunities for their dreams to come true by now. It’s working really unbelievably fast. You can prove it yourself. Just read the instructions down this page and print it out. Put in on the wall and enjoy the result. You can even create it yourself if you have time and strong desire. Go ahead and try it out yourself. And let us know when it’s happened with you also. 

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Max WhiteDate of Birth is March 29, 1988 was ordered an Art Activator and encoded Fortune, Love, Success, Harmony in it.

This knowledge was hidden for many years. This is very powerful and absolute truthfully working tool for changing your life. It makes your potential growing 100 times faster bringing you success and pleasure. You get things working in the easiest and the fastest way in the Universe. Even if you don’t really believe in it or trust it it’ll work. Give it a try. And your life will change forever. In this new age we need more the most modernized, the most affective and the most powerful tools for changing our lives dramatically. But you should be careful with your wishes because all your wishes and dreams will come true with it. You can just create it yourself or order it with a simple click and get multipurpose magic wand of your wonderful life, happiness, success, career, fortune and love. 

ArtActivator is your personal adjuster which can program your unconscious motivation for everything you wish to code in it. Do you want to know how it works? You must have heard already that our thoughts are material things and we attract our events and dreams with them. Our brains work like a radio which receipt and relay our thoughts into the space. You should know that we use the ability of our brains only for 3-5%, Einstein used it for 7-9%. And the whole world knows that our subconscious mind can do everything. But how can you make all your possibilities work for you? How can you activate all your potential which is sitting and waiting inside of everyone? The answer is just working with your subconscious mind. This is what ArtActivator does. It transforms your words into numbers. These numbers contain information which is enclosed in a matrix. This matrix transmits the information straight into your mind subconsciously without you paying any attention to it because it talks the same language with your mind. This is the language of images. These images set up your mind on everything you out into your code. Do you want to find real love or good job? Do you want to make a lot of money? Would you like to have a good car or enough money for travelling? You can just code it into your matrix and your mind will start working this direction. You will be surprised with the results and how fast you can get what you want. Your mind will start attract the right events into your life and the right people to make your dreams come true. Give it a try! It’s worth it. You’ll see it personally in your life. 

ArtActivator has got multidimensional and sacred formula of the Universe. They’ve been given from the teacher to his students along with initiation. They’ve been hidden from the whole world for many years. There are more then seven formulas. We use in our matrix the one which activate all 12 coils of the DNA. It wakes up your generation’s memory. It opens your creative potential and structure the space around you. This matrix is based on codes with numbers. Each number has got its own color. That’s like a microchip with information for your unconsciousness. This is the food for your mind and special tool for your soul which recognize the images on the paper. 

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How does it work from the physical point of view?

Our eyes can receive electromagnetic waves from 380 till 760 nm. This is perceptible range that contains all seven colors of the rainbow. And it’s not the only way we use our eyes.

Eyes are the windows that accept light into our body. Prof. Liberman said that beam of light is getting split off by visual nerve. One impulse gets into a special part of our brains where it creates visual image, and other one goes straight to the hypothalamus. This is the most important part of our brains which is connected to the whole body and especially with nervous system and endocrine system. Hypothalamus helps our heart to beat. It also helps to keep the temperature and blood pressure of our body. It helps us to feel happiness, fear or starvation. Our brains react differently on beams of each color. Our endocrine system produces special hormones for each color. And conoid body is responsible for all these processes.

This is the medical explanation of the ArtActivator’s work on our body and mind. Conoid body structure sun light for special colors and with the help of liver brings it to each organ in our bodies. Many diseases appear when you don’t get enough of one color. Our cells and skin can select and perceive the right beams. Each organ of our body is in need of a specific color and has its color. You’ll get an illness if there is disbalance in our bodies because of the changes in colors. For example, if you are in good health your blood is red. If there is blood congestion your blood will become deep red color. And if there is lack of blood it’ll be light red color. Light and color influence on the surface of our bodies. That’s fact. 

The structure of the Art Activator

You code your bio date which is your date of birth, your first name and your surname. Also you code in it your new ideal programs, situations and the most desirable wishes that are extremely important for you at this moment. You code them into your subconscious mind and they start working immediately in your life. You can put in it everything like your career, money, success, health, activity of immunity, love, family, relationship, harmony and prosperity, well balanced body, soul and spirit, ambitiousness and everything you can think of.

You can code up to 32 symbols using English language.

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Payment and Delivery

It costs only 9.99$ or 7.99 Euros for one unique ArtActivator. You can pay using Paypal or Credit Card. 

You get high definition quality picture (8 000 x 8 000 pixels) which you can print out in any size. Also you can also place it on your desktop on your computer and your mobile phone.

As soon as you pay for it it’ll be in your e-mail box right away.


If you have any questions you can write us by e-mail.

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